Which Type of Meat Grinder Works Best for You

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Whether you just need to grind meat every now and then or like to make your own beef or sausage often, a meat grinder is a useful item to own. While this tool is exactly an indispensable tool in the home kitchen, it is very versatile and can help fasten the cooking process. For example, if you read meat grinder reviews, you will know that this tool can even be used to mix many types of ingredient when you grind meat. It allows you to grind the meat as per your own choice with better flavor and texture than pre-ground meat you get at the supermarket. Even though there are many different models of meat grinder available on the market, they can be categorized into three main types as below:

1. Manual Meat Grinder

From the name, you can tell that this type of meal grinder is operated by hand. Here, you have two options: bolt-mounted and clamp-mounted models. Between them, a bolt-mounted meat grinder is sturdier. While the clamp-mounted model gets loose easier, you can fix the problem with a cloth put under the clams; plus, it is cheaper and can be used on basically any tabletop.

Here are some advantages of this manual type:

  • No electricity is required so you have to pay no electricity cost and can bring the tool to places with no access to electricity (like the campsite)
  • Little maintenance due to simple design and components
  • Cheap and economical

On the other hands, there are some obvious limitations:

  • Very slow grinding speed (so the tool is not fit for those who need to work with ground meat frequently);
  • Manual effort is required;
  • Can only grind a limited amount of meat;
  • Results depend on the user’s performance so the quality is not consistent

So the people who are most likely to use this type are those who:

  • Rarely have to grind meat;
  • Cannot afford other types of meat grinder;
  • Do not want to pay for electricity cost or live in areas without access to electricity;

2. Standalone Meat Grinder (or Electric Meat Grinder)

This type of meat grinder is powered by electricity. It is the best option for people who need to grind lots of meat regularly. Do you know a meat grinder can do more than grinding meat alone? With the help of the right attachment, you can accomplish more tasks than that and an electric grinder often comes with many types of attachment and accessories for added benefits.


  • It can grind a large quantity of meat very fast because it is very powerful; therefore, it is an efficient and nice time-saving tool.
  • It grinds the meat really well and can even cut huge meat pieces into small ones.
  • It allows the user to perform other tasks while it grind meat
  • Electric meat grinders are available in many nice shapes and designs.


  • This grinder requires electricity to run so you cannot use it in areas with access no electricity. Plus, this will add to your energy cost.
  • Its price depends on factors like feature, motor power and material; however it is more expensive than a manual grinder for sure.

3. Commercial Meat Grinder

A commercial meat grinder is like an upgraded version of an electric meat grinder. It is the most efficient and powerful type of meat grinder available so it can grind a great amount of meat at a time (even 100 pounds). It even has more attachment than an electric grinder. While it is suitable for sausage maker and business establishments; it is suitable for personal use as well though not everyone is willing to pay for such an expensive appliance. Chefs and amateur cooks love this appliance because it can grind through basically everything and allows the user to control the grinding process to perfection. It is also very durable: under good care, it can last for many years.

This appliance is not perfect, though:

  • It is expensive. Depending on the power capacity, features, accessories, size…price can vary but this not as popular for home use as the electric model. In fact, it is the better option for high-end kitchen. While it is costly, it helps the owner save money in the long term.
  • Safety cautions are required because the appliance is very powerful. The user needs certain amount of knowledge to make the best use out of it and to stay safe.
  • Again, it runs on electricity.

As you can see, each type of meat grinders has their own merits and downside. You need to consider your budget and requirements very careful to make the right decision. How much capacity is enough for you? Ask yourself what features and attachments you really need before you grab them all and end up letting them gather dust later. Make sure you choose one made of strong, durable materials and is easy to clean up or disassemble.

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