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Pet Travel: What to do when traveling with pets

Pet air travel tips, road trip tips and more Pets are like a child to many and the idea of leaving them at home while on holiday isn’t a choice for some. Yet, before taking your pets on holiday with you, you can find several things that you have to take note of and a few pet travel tips that need to be followed.
Pet travel choices While it may be tempting to bring your pet with you on holiday, keep in mind that some creatures aren’t suited for travel whether it’s due to sickness, age or physical disabilities. It’s crucial to consult with your veterinarian about pet travel and pet air travel before embarking on a trip to make sure the safety of your pet.

Trains, airplanes, and cars

Pet air travel Every airline has different rules and regulations when it comes to flying with pets. So to prevent finding out your airline does not let pet travel at the last minute, there are several things that you can do. First, contact your airline well in advance and find out their pet air travel regulations. Taking your pet on board with you is the best choice, but oftentimes cargo is the only alternative with some airlines if your pet is big. While Congress did pass the Safe Air Travel for Animals Act in April 2000, there are several things that need to be considered to ensure your pet’s safety while flying in cargo. First, many airlines have special carrier conditions so be sure to carry through these. Second, make sure that the carrier you select is big enough for your pet to have the ability to turn around in and be comfortable for the long flight. Third, strive to be sure it’s a non-stop flight to ensure that your pet will not get lost. Fourth, right stick a label on the pet carrier with your phone number, address, final destination and contact number while on holiday. There are lots of other factors and tips that are available for considering the Humane Society’s Web site. If your airline will not allow pets to travel or you might be cautious of carrying your pet via cargo, you’ve got other choices to consider.


Road trip with pets

Many pets love traveling by car, so it’s a personal choice as to whether your pet needs to be kept in a carrier or not. Cats oftentimes are uneasy traveling, so it’s better to keep them in a carrier for their safety and yours. If the pet just isn’t going to be kept in a carrier you have to ensure they’re safely secured in the vehicle. There are specific harnesses that can be purchased to ensure or “seatbelt” your dog in safely. It’s significant to stop often when traveling with pets to permit them to work out and go to the toilet.
Trains, buses, and boats Quite a few boats permit pets to follow voyagers and Amtrak doesn’t permit pets. Nevertheless, many European trains and a few small US railroad companies permit pets on board. In terms of buses and other public transportation, the rules and regulations change between states and cities.

Pet lodgings

There are hundreds of Web sites out there that list pet-friendly hotels and a pet-friendly resort are available in just about any city. For example, if you are traveling to San Francisco it is possible to stay at the Hilton San Francisco Financial District or if you are seeing Austin you can stay at the La Quinta Inn Austin North.

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