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Several years ago, this power equipment was hardly found on the jobsite, but currently it is very common in which there are construction or building projects.

The notion of impact driver was generated primarily from the hammer drill and the impact spanner. The appearance of impact driver conjures up the image of a toy, but its efficient and organized operation is a wonder for the construction or building tasks.

Why it is called impact driver?

Basically the impact driver is a high pace and strong powered screwdriver which provides the screw with slight “strike” so that you could rapidly and effectively drill the screws in an even way. It is called impact driver due to the tremendous revolving power that it generates during operation.

Efficient Operation

A Dewalt impact driver could even drill great device (including virtually each dimension of screw) that creates a lot of twisting force with its small rotation and saves a lot of time compared to other driving equipments. It also has a strong lead over representative driver and drill.

While the inside hardware operates with both rotary process and strong blow to screw drivers through the densest and largest wood.

Great impact drill

The result of this rotary process is infrequent and uncommon, accuracy of energy makes great drill. With small parts (up to 0.25 inch), they continue as a drill. With larger type parts, they flow into impact stage so you could make big holes with a small kind of impact driver. It has 2 to 3 times more driver pace than the typical driver.

Useful impact driver for family

One 18 V impact driver drives an astonishing 3 inches screw on a particular charge. Although an impact driver has great strength, it is really useful, easy and comfortable to use because parts move most of that great-energy force straight to the screws, without any hurt or troublesome in your exact location. The equipment does not have a soft grab, but the decisive action permits you to drill screw with great accuracy and control.

Necessity of building and construction

Drill your screw better with greater force than other equipments. Thus, if you are planning on some construction or building projects which require driving a lot of long and large types of screw, then you should think of an impact driver because it is an ideal and great choice for you to drill or driver dense and thick woods.

An impact driver is often manufactured for durability and a satisfying victory for most challenging driving tasks or applications. In addition all of this power, it still is able to tighten and slacken screw. Thus, it would certainly make large and important construction or building projects faster.


This power equipment is not for every user. You have to do and complete some tasks to practice using them many times without scraping or dropping the screws on the false position and not placing it exactly. For those who are performing the equipment for their first time, you should get used to it by attempting it on several wasted woods or screws.

Those impact drivers create great amount of force which is great for drilling and driving large and long types of screw through tough materials such as dense and thick wood.


There are a various models and brands of impact driver on the market. It could depend on the type of task or job for which you would use it. They are assessed in height (inch), weight (pound), in revolutions per minute, speed, force (lbs) and time of charging.

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