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Many people are asking about how to use the food saver and other vacuum sealer machines in the food vacuum sealer reviews 2016. You can receive a lot of great idea about this machine. For a quick view and list, I have just combined these uses of the vacuum sealer here. If you have a food saver in the house, you can start to apply it for other uses.

28 methods to use the vacuum sealer or the Food Saver

Using vacuum sealed Bags

1. You can use it to seal the cheese so that cheese can last longer not only in the fridge but also in the freeze.
2. You can use this machine as a treat to send some sealed foods for your family members or friends in overseas.
3. The vacuum sealer can be used to preserve the remaining foods for the next meals.
4. When you have bought a bulk of meat, you can split it into single portion by the vacuum sealer in the freezer bag.
5. One of the surprised uses of this machine is to store the toiletries and other sanitary supplies.
6. You can use the food saver machine to vacuum and seal the ammunition.
7. In order keep the photos dry in the disaster, you can use this machine to preserve the photos and images.
8. The important documents can be vacuumed and sealed for preservation
9. You can seal the jump driver tools in the kits of 72 hours.
10. For long term of usage, you should seal the chocolate in fridge.
11. Well, by the vacuum sealer, you can make the ice homemade ice packages by yourself.
12. When you can not eat chip bags in one time, you can reseal it back by the vacuum sealer.
13. The vacuumed and sealed bags can work as the waterproof bags
14. Normal use of the vacuum sealer is to preserve the fruit and vegetable in the bags.
15. Moreover, you can seal any remaining food in the cool container for longer usage in the refrigerator.
16. In order to prevent the partially used vegetable from being rotten, you can seal these vegetable before using.
17. You can seal the nuts in the bags and store it in the fridge to extend its shelf life.
18. You can also preserve the opened bottle of wine by the vacuum sealer.

19. For the long trips or camping, you can use the vacuum sealer to seal the snack and chip bags
20. The shredded zucchini which is used in the stew or bread can be sealed in the bag for the next meals.
21. Take advantage of empty space in the luggage when preparing packets for the road trips or camping.
22. You can prepare for the emergency cases in advance by the vacuum sealer.
23. The cereal can be extended its shelf life if it is sealed in the bags.
24. With the vacuum sealer, in the 72 hours kit, you can seal the spare clothes to have more conserve space in the large bag.
25. In the large bag, the spare bedding can be sealed easily.
26. You can seal the clothes of opposite season in the large bags to have more space in the room.
27. After Thanksgiving, you do not have to worry about the leftover Turkey anymore as you can preserve it for the next meals by the vacuum sealer.
28. If you cooked a lot of soups in the kitchen and can not eat all of it in the first time, you can vacuum and seal it back then store in the fridge.

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