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After watching my kid plays golf over the past 5 years, I come to a conclusion that this amazing game has taught my son a lot of valuable life lessons that most of parents want their children to learn. The following are top 10 of these:

  1. Respect and humility

Playing golf require you to show politeness and communicate respectfully to other players on the course. In any Junior Golf tournaments, it is often stated that great sportsmanship should be exhibited at all times and that all game is ended with the exchange of hand shake.

  1. Confession

Golf is basically a sport of honor. And recognizing that the transgression has happened and taking responsibility for it is an indispensable part of it. This act helps to instill fairness and integrity to all young players.

  1. Punctuality

When the schedule states that: “Tee time is at 8:00,” it means that you should be on a tee box at 7:55. If you are late, you are disqualified automatically without complain. While this could be a tough lesson, it is definitely the one that would instill your kids the significance of being on time not only for each tournament but also for every event in their life.

  1. Quiet

Playing golf always requires an amazing amount of quiet and concentration at all times on a golf course. While it takes time for young players to practice, it is probably a life skill that teaches them respect as well as constraint for the others.

  1. Safety

Golf clubs and balls are really dangerous and challenging instruments. Therefore, one of the first and foremost things to remember in golf is safety. For example, you should instruct your kid not to take practice swing in the same direction of another player, not to hit to a group of golfers standing in front of him, and never to swing club when somebody is walking by. Those safety rules have developed into other parts of his life such as swimming, biking and safety at home.

  1. Vision

Every night before a tournament, my kid often sits quietly and play visually as well as mentally on the course. This skill helps to teach how to see more in his mind, which is important to achieve his goals.

  1. Problem solving

Trees, wind, rain, deep rough, and multiple bunkers can make a tournament play become challenging. These are a usual part of golf and could be also a good opportunity for your kids to develop his problem solving and individual development.

  1. Focus

Golf is always a challenging form of sport. It requires that your kids not only understand the physics of striking a ball (and which club to apply when) but also requires intense emotional as well as mental concentration. Silencing the critic inside after a “bad swing” is essential to regain clear focus. This is an advanced life skill to learn that can take your children really far in later life.

  1. Practice, listening and persistence

In golf, immediate success is extremely rare. Most kids have become great golf players through daily practice, listening and persistence. The same thing can be applied in life, it is essential to know that we seldom achieve our goals in just one “stroke.”

  1. Graciousness

One of the most valuable life lessons that most kids have learned from playing golf is to be respectful and gracious to the adults. At the end of every tournament, for example, the competitors will shake the hand and thank to each other and then write a note of thank to the tournament chairmen.

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